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Dustcontrol DC AirCube 2000

Čistička DC AirCube 2000:
Minimalizuje prach vo vzduchu, ktorý je nebezpečný pre vaše zdravie
Populárna voľba v pekárňach a drevárskych dielňach na čistenie vzduchu od zdraviu nebezpečnej múky alebo dreveného prachu a podobne
Variabilná rýchlosť ventilátora pre úsporu energie, napr. v noci
Vysoko efektívny ECO ventilátor s menšou spotrebou energie
Nízka úroveň hluku
Umývateľné teleso filtra z nehrdzavejúcej ocele
Kontrolka filtra, ktorá svieti, keď je čas na výmenu filtra
Bezproblémová výmena filtra pre ľahkú údržbu
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Dustcontrol DC AirCube 2000
Dustcontrol DC AirCube 2000

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Microscopic mold can be an interesting postmodern decoration of wet walls in your home. However, this vivid beauty seriously endangers your health and the health of your children - its toxins weaken the immunity to infectious and non-infectious diseases, its antigens cause allergies and living particles in the air of airway mycosis. If you are constantly tired, unconcentrated and "the whole person" hurts, it is high time to successfully evict your mold roommates, even the invisible ones, from carpets, mattresses or furniture.
doc. Ing. Piecková Elena, PhD., MPH
Assoc. Prof. in the field of public health at the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava
The fact that microorganisms are all around us is well known to everyone, many of which endanger our health. Health is the most precious thing we have, so we should do everything we can to protect our health. Let`s start by taking care of the hygiene of the space in which we live and work. Let`s do everything so that the air we breathe is not a threat to our health.
doc. Ing. Petra Olejníková, PhD.
STU - FCFT, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology